Considering a Body Positive Photoshoot?

Watch these videos to see what it's like!

LGBTQ+ Friendly

As a non-binary photographer, I get that our community has special considerations when engaging in a photoshoot like this. We deal with dysphoria, dysmorphia, societal expectations and all sorts of other things. We often don't fit inside the box that society labels "attractive," but to be honest, that's one of our huge strengths. That's where our beauty can be found and where we shine. So if you're looking for an LGBTQIA2S+ positive photographer, we've got you covered.

Body Positive

We firmly believe that there is beauty to be found in every body type. Body image can be a struggle for anyone. We don't have a section of suggestions for "plus size" photography, because our suggestions look good on people of any size or shape. And we get that it isn't always easy to be positive about your body. We're not going to force toxic positivity on you either. In fact, we maybe should have called this section "Body Neutral Photography"

Accessible Boudoir Shoots

It's important to us that photography remains accessible to a wide range of people. I have a number of chronic conditions and accessibility needs, and I can promise to be sensitive to yours as well. Need an extra long warm-up period to help with your anxiety? Done. Need a snack part way through? Done. Need wheelchair or other mobility accessibility accommodations? Our current studio is not very large, but we're happy to work with you to find a location that meets your needs.

Fat Positive Photography

There's a strong difference in the world between Body Positive and Fat Positive. We like to say that we're both. We will never shame you for how you look, and we won't allow others to do so in our spaces. So let us help you clear up any negative thoughts you might have about coming to do a session. We love bodies of all shapes and sizes, and while we can't guarantee that you'll walk out with a positive body image, we can say you'll have a great time, and that most people walk out much more confident than they come in.

Real Photography for Real Bodies

The human body is beautiful, and we don't want to hide that. We won't airbrush you, or make you look like a plastic version of yourself. Real bodies have stretch marks. They have cellulite. They have fat and muscle and they rarely have flawless skin. This is just how bodies are. And so we want to make sure you have a positive boudoir experience with us, and come out looking like someone you recognize, but maybe have a new appreciation for how you look, and how awesome you are. Boudoir photography should inspire and life you up after all!

And of course, we'll never post your pictures to social media (or anywhere) without your permission