Intimate Portraits

Evaluating a Portfolio

If you made it down this far, you're probably interested in a deeper thought process about your photos. So as you begin to look at portfolios, whether mine or other photographers', here are some things to keep in mind. First and foremost, how do the pictures make you feel? Art is supposed to make you feel things, and when you're making art of yourself, you're going to want a boudoir photographer who can make images that give you emotions. Next, do you like the style of the pictures? You may not have much to compare them to, but do you like the pictures themselves? One thing you do not want to do is go to a photographer and expect them to do pictures in an entirely different style than what you have seen of their work. Some photographers may be up to the challenge, but others will fall short of your expectations, so it's better to go with someone who specializes in a style that you like.