Client Spotlight - Ms. M

Ms. M booked a session with us even when she was nervous. In her own words she likes to try everything at least once, and she certainly lived up to that when she came in for her session. Let's hear about her experience in her own words.

a boudoir image of a woman in a sweater and tanktop, looking down her shoulder at a tattoo on her arm
Image of a woman walking away from the camera, letting her sweater drop off behind her

What inspired you to book a boudoir session? What made you choose Lightfox Studios?

I was inspired by my best friend who did one a couple months before me. The photos looked so empowering, and I wanted to be able to see myself like that as well. I always talk with my friends about how I am a Queen. I don't take any nonsense from anyone, and I know my worth. I thought a session would be a great way to see myself even more in that light. She referred me to Lightfox Studios and told me how wonderful they were with her at her shoot. When I reached out to schedule and express what I wanted to do they were extremely kind and accommodating. I'll definitely be back again.
boudoir image of a woman straightening her crown, looking directly into the camera, locking eyes with the viewer

Did you have any concerns before your intimate portrait session? What were you nervous about walking in?

I was extremely nervous going into this. But I was also very excited! I had never done anything like this before. But I like to try everything at least once. I was nervous about how I would look in the photos, and I was nervous that I didn't have a single piece of lingerie to wear. I had never worn any type of lingerie before, so I didn't know what looked good or not. I bought a few items, and the one I thought wouldn't look the best, ended up being my favorite. It's weird to see yourself in that kind of way for the first time, but it is extremely empowering to see your own beauty in a different way.
A woman with her eyes closed in a teal dress. She is well made up and her hair falls in curls, framing her face
A woman lying on a bed in a boudoir pose, her feet up on the wall. Her hand and hair cover one of her eyes

What was your favorite part of the experience?

The whole damn thing! From the hair and makeup, to taking all the photos and changing j to the different outfits, learning the poses, it was one big wild ride. I loved every second of it. I guess if I had to pic one part, it would be the photos taken on the bed. The silk sheets and poses made me very very sexy and also very elegant at the same time.

Who would you recommend an intimate portrait shoot with Lightfox Studios to?

Everybody! If you're thinking about doing one and are on the fence, do it. It is 1000% worth every second. I received a nice little care package with a candle that was burning at my session, and every time I smell it brings back all those bad bitch vibes.
A woman in a white lace robe on a bed with pink satin sheets. She is grinning, clearly enjoying her boudoir photoshoot

Now that you're an expert, what advice would you give yourself or future clients?

Just have fun with it. These photos are for you. The experience is for you. Buy colors that you love. Wear items that you love. It's not all just lingerie too! I brought a dress that I've always loved. I brought a simple tank and a sweater. This experience was wonderful and empowering.
Boudoir image of a woman kneeling on a bed, looking back over her shoulder at the camera
boudoir image of a woman standing against a wall, arms stretched over her head
Boudoir image of a woman kneeling on a bed, she is giving herself a hug and looking over her right shoulder
image of a woman in a teal bodysuit and white lace robe, looking at the camera with confidence
A woman in a boudoir pose on a couch, with one knee up, the image is dark and moody
black and white silhouette of a woman holding a blanket up in front of her
black and white boudoir image of a woman in front of a window, silhouetted against the light
boudoir image of a woman holding a blanket in front of her. She is silhouetted by a window
A woman lies on her side on a bed, looking out a window. She is in a boudoir pose and looks peaceful and sensual
boudoir image of a woman lying on her back on a bed, with her back arched and hands over her head