What inspired you to book a boudoir session? What made you choose Lightfox Studios?

I'd seen shoots from my friends from Lightfox, and they all looked so beautiful in their photos, but more importantly, they looked happy! I've been struggling with seeing myself in pictures, and I was hoping for similar results. I'd also been meaning to book a boudoir shoot for a while before, and knowing that I knew people who had put themselves into a similarly vulnerable position and had nothing but glowing reviews was a huge confidence booster.

Did you have any concerns before your intimate portrait session? What were you nervous about walking in?

Of course I was nervous that the "me" I see in my head would show up on camera. My brain sees me differently than my eyes, and I don't always love it. There's also always a level of nerves when you undress in front of someone, let alone a camera. I think I was terrified that that other person would show through, and that I would have wasted time and energy on a product I wouldn't like.

What was your favorite part of the experience?

From the moment I entered the studio, I felt completely at home and taken care of. Everyone was so friendly and willing to work with my comfort levels, and the endless stream of compliments from Jacob didn't hurt! My favorite part was going in with one vision and coming out with completely different pictures. The client closet played a huge part in that success. I got to wear an outfit I never would have thought of, and I felt super sexy and confident with it on.

Who would you recommend an intimate portrait shoot with Lightfox Studios to?

I would recommend one to someone who loves their body type on other people but not on themselves. It's so much easier to see the beauty when someone else is showing it to you, and Jacob does an amazing job capturing it. The parts of myself that I would normally turn away in disgust over became some of the shining stars of the shoot.

Now that you're an expert, what advice would you give yourself or future clients?

I'd recommend buying some lingerie that you love in advance, and making sure it fits. Jacob's client closet is extensive and gorgeous, but you can't beat a piece you already own. Stretch beforehand, don't skip breakfast, and relax, babe! You got this!