Around 67% of women in the US wear a size 14 or larger. The fashion industry makes it hard to find clothes in those sizes and promotes unrealistic beauty standards, which can lead many to feel uncomfortable in their bodies.

We all deserve to feel beautiful, and plus size photography can help you along that path. If you want to feel confident and empowered, a boudoir photoshoot can do wonders.

Learn more about the many wonderful ways plus size photography is changing the world and why you should look into it.

The Plus Size Model

The average weight of women 20 and older in the United States is a little more than 170 pounds. Body types change over the years, and it seems the fashion industry isn't keeping these average sizes in mind when designing clothing.

What the term "plus size" means can vary. Plus-sized models are usually a size 12, 14, or higher. Plus-sized models are sometimes called curvy.

There isn't an exact definition of what plus size means, and clothing brands often vary in their sizes, making it even more difficult to tell.

A photography studio that offers plus-size modelling is usually very welcoming of all types of models. After all, everyone deserves to feel beautiful!

The Fashion Industry and Plus Size Women

The term "plus size" came around in 1922 when Lane Bryant advertised the term "misses plus sizes," which referred to clothing for women in a slightly larger size. A few years later, the chain dropped the term "misses," and shortly after that, other department stores also started selling plus size clothing.

Unfortunately, the fashion industry has not been kind to plus size men and women. Often, it's hard to find quality clothing that fits or flatters larger body types. This can leave many people frustrated when trying to find clothing that makes them feel good and can result in them feeling worse about their bodies.

And photoshopping? Although Photoshop is incredible software, the term "photoshopping" has become a verb that many associate with heavy editing. You'll see airbrushed models on magazine covers with impossible proportions, and these beauty ideals start to have a big impact on society.

Many of our inner criticisms come from this impossible standard of beauty. Many people believe that a less-than-perfect body makes them less worthy, but that's simply not true.

Recently, there's been a big push to end heavy editing. If models have scars or stretch marks, photographers are encouraged to leave them in. These aren't "flaws" that make you less beautiful.

Working with the right photography studio or agency can help spread the idea of self-acceptance.

How Plus Size Photography Is Changing the Game

Plus size photography is breaking ground and changing the fashion industry by pointing out harmful habits and insensitive remarks.

Brands like Victoria's Secret are being called out for their lack of diversity in their models and the body types represented. Their past refusal to include trans or plus-sized models and shameful remarks from their chief marketing officer has landed the brand in hot water.

A recent collaboration between Bluebella and Victoria's Secret resulted in their first plus-sized model, but it still seems the brand has not embraced the idea of becoming more inclusive.

Companies are being called out for their old-fashioned, hurtful, and limited ways of viewing beauty, and plus size photography studios are stepping up to create more inclusive spaces. As a result, designers and retailers are seeing an increase in demand for high-quality clothing for plus-sized individuals. 

Brands like Aerie are making changes to be more inclusive and focus on body positivity. Their models aren't embellished or airbrushed, creating a more realistic and relatable image that helps empower young women.

two people's hands touch a leg wearing fishnets. Both sets of hands have painted nails, and one is wearing a silver ring

Is Body Positivity the Answer?

Body positivity is generally regarded as the acceptance of all people and body types (including your own). It's the idea that everyone deserves to feel beautiful, regardless of society's 'beauty norms.' However, the idea has its pros and cons.

It's not always easy to love your body, and that's okay! Rather than seeing your body as positive or negative, body neutrality is a way of accepting your body regardless of size, shape, appearance, or identity.

Rather than forcing yourself to feel one way or another—positive or negative—body neutrality lets you reach a state of acceptance.

Plus Size Boudoir Photography

You may have heard of plus size photography, but do you know about boudoir photography?

This style of photography is artistic, intimate, romantic, and sometimes sensual. It's all about making people feel empowered. Take a look at our portrait gallery to get a better idea of boudoir photography.

It doesn't have to be sexy, either—the point is to feel comfortable and happy during your photoshoot. There are also many different types of intimacy, and discovering what types of poses and ideas make you feel confident is one of the best parts of professional photoshoots.

A boudoir photographer can help you feel empowered by teaching you how to pose and embrace your body. When you and your photographer work together to come up with boudoir photo ideas, you'll be amazed by the results.

Helping the LGBT+ Community

Sometimes, it's hard to find acceptance when you don't fit into a particular role or "box." No one knows this better than the LGBT+ community.

Thankfully, there are voices in the LGBT+ community striving to teach self-acceptance. When we're proud of who we are, it shows!

If you've never had a professional photo session before because you didn't feel worthy, beautiful, or confident enough, signing up for a plus size boudoir photoshoot can help you banish those concerns and feel good about yourself.

Are You Ready to Give Plus Size Photography a Try?

Plus size photography is taking great strides toward making every individual feel more confident in their own body. Say it with us—your size doesn't determine your worthiness!

Are you interested in a boudoir photography session? Lightfox Studios specializes in plus size and boudoir photography. We want to empower the LGBTQIA2S+ community and show them that they deserve to feel good about themselves.

If you're interested in a plus size photo session, reach out to us to get started today.