How to Cope with Nerves Before Your Boudoir Photography Shoot

Boudoir photography is a very specific art form. It removes all the layers and facades we put on in our daily lives and gets straight to the heart of the human soul.  It places us in a most intimate setting, often our very own sanctuaries. In boudoir photography, it's not "lights, camera, action."  Rather, it's dimming the lights, trusting the camera, and taking the action down to very sinuous, natural moves. 

Still, the thought of those moves can evoke a certain level of anxiety. We're all so accustomed to those layers and facades. But, with the right photographer (and the right amount of pre-shoot pampering), we know you can master your boudoir photoshoot. Allow us to reveal the many ways you can plan for a wonderful shoot.

boudoir image of a person in a chain and leather outfit, looking at the camera with confidence

Meet Your Photographer

Sitting down over coffee with your photographer can go a long way toward settling your nerves. You'll instantly know if you feel calm and relaxed around them. It'll be plain to see if they're laid-back, non-judging, and kind. Once you know you'll be at ease in their presence, a substantial amount of nerves will be washed away. 

Go Shopping

Having ample wardrobe choices will not only soothe some nerves, but also create a bit of excitement around the main event. Although the articles of clothing may be nil, they're still an important element. Search around for the best colors for your skin tone. Perhaps that's an emerald green negligee or a sheer burgundy robe. If you have the budget, spare no expense here. Although the wardrobe isn't the centerpiece here (you are), you'll be glad to pull out decadent pieces the day of your shoot. You'll be happy to slink into something that you know brings out the color of your eyes or matches your skin tone perfectly. 

Pamper Yourself

Either the day before (or even the morning of), treat yourself to a few spa services. Select a full-service mani-pedi and be conscious of your wardrobe choices as you select nail polish colors to match your leather and lace. Opt for a full-body massage. Nothing will evoke relaxation like a 60-90 minute Swedish massage. Go for all the skin exfoliating services you can find and moisturize one of your greatest assets. Indeed, your boudoir photographer will tell you bright, glowing skin is one of your best assets in these photoshoots. 

image of a woman lying on her back on a bed in a boudoir pose, her legs up on the wall

Invest in Hair and Makeup

You may be a hair and makeup pro. We don't doubt that; it could be something you do every day. But, makeup for photography and video is quite different. Here's an example. Angelina Jolie suffered a major makeup malfunction on the red carpet a long time ago because her makeup artist didn't understand the best environment for translucent powder. The type of makeup we use is very important when it comes to environments with controlled lighting. 

Full coverage, high-definition makeup will frame your essence so it can be caught on camera. Before you know it, your cheekbones will be highlighted to perfection, your lips will have the perfect pout, and your eyes will dazzle. In the same way you researched "Boston boudoir photographer" or "boudoir photographers in Boston," you might also want to look for makeup artists.

Check out their websites; read their reviews; ask for a trial appointment. In truth, your photographer may even pair up with a stellar makeup artist. It might be nice to work with a team like that. See if the makeup artist is willing to work with you to create the look of your dreams. Like that coffee meetup with your photographer, you'll quickly know if he or she is the one. 

a woman in floral lingerie lies on her front on a bed, gazing into the camera

Practice in Front of the Mirror

Here's how to prepare for a boudoir photoshoot; in the days leading up to your main event, practice in front of the mirror. Pour yourself a nice glass of cabernet, set up your mirror before your bed and a few other potential locations, and start striking some poses. 

Of course, a talented photographer will work with you here. There will be the standard "head down, eyes up" cues. But, you really want to know your own body. Understand all the lines and angles that will bring your beauty to life. 

Post a Few Mantras

Write a few mantras down on colorful index cards and post them throughout the room on the day of the photoshoot. Remind yourself you're beautiful, powerful, and comfortable precisely the way you are. 

This will help you remember why you'd like to frame these moments for a lifetime and why you're worth it. A good photographer will also draw these positive thoughts out as they go, but seeing your own hand-written reminders will also be worthwhile. 

Plan a Playlist

Ask your photographer if they'll allow you to play your own music. A good boudoir photographer will be absolutely fine with this. Once they've pressed play on some of your most motivating tunes, then you'll quickly feel a lot of your nerves wash away on the day of the shoot. 

A woman in a leather and chain harness lies on her front, facing the camera head on

Boudoir Photography Your Way

We can already feel it. You're going to ace your boudoir photography shoot. The fact that you're here proves you're committed to the best possible outcome. Here at Intimate Photos by Lightfox Studios, we focus on body-positive photography to empower the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Go on; rip off the exhausting mask we all wear in public and show your true, authentic self. Fire that inner self-critic and embrace a voice that tells you your worth it. Let your imperfections signal your beauty and strength. If you live in or around the Boston area, we'd love to help you bring your vision to life. 

Check out our portfolio of work to get a taste of the many ways we can make you shine. 

And, when you're ready, we invite you to begin your journey by reaching out to us. Better yet, feel free to schedule a no-stress 15-minute phone consultation to see if we're the right fit for you.