A common question I’m asked about my boudoir photography is whether a client’s images are going to end up on my website or on social media. That makes sense because I have images of other clients on these outlets, but the only images you’re seeing are from people who decided they were 100% OK with those images being shared. None of my clients are obligated to have their images posted and, in fact, a large number of my clients opt to keep their session pictures private. 

picture of a butt in strappy black lingerie with red hair hanging down that far
a woman with red hair and medium skin looks intensely at the viewer
a woman's back and butt on all fours on a couch in green lingerie. Her shoulder blades and back arch are highlighted.

When you have a boudoir session with me, one of the first things we’ll discuss after you see your images is your privacy. Some clients prefer to have zero images shared anywhere. Some are OK with me posting to a private and secure group online for other clients to see, and some don’t mind having their images shown on my Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Website. Some people are fine with any photos being out there, while others only want anonymous images where they can't be identified shown.

A woman with her dark brown hair hanging down to cover her breasts wearing a chainmail necklace

If you’d like to allow me to share any images from your boudoir session, I'll use them in only the ways you have consented to, and only the photos you have allowed me to share. You also reserve the right to have the images removed at any time. If you prefer to keep everything private, that’s 100% OK and an option that many of my clients choose. To help ensure peace of mind, do note that I have taken extra protective measures in my home and on my computer to ensure your images are steel-trap safe. 

A slender woman with red hair leaning against a wall with one hand in her hair and the other grabbing her sweater
A woman with red hair in a white sweater and white panties lifting the sweater up to her chest and exposing her stomach
A woman with red hair playing with her hair and her sweater and leaning against the wall