What inspired you to book a boudoir session? What made you choose Lightfox Studios?

I've always been interested in boudoir as I've been used to modelling for friends in the past before but as years passed, I started feeling a little less and less attractive and kept putting off booking any sessions. From there, I also grew apart from my own family after I moved states away and never really got to tell them more about who I really was since I always felt like I had to live up to their expectations as their "perfect" oldest child. The more I felt separated, the more I really wanted to find out who I really was and what made me passionate. I didn't want to fit into the mold of what my parents and society created me to be.

I ended up choosing Lightfox Studios as I fell in love with the photo examples I saw from the group and the previous portfolio. Jacob was able to create an amazing and safe environment for everyone and seeing how people glowed after their sessions really brought more confidence. I also love the energy that is showcased by the studio as well. Their opinions are strongly backed by their actions in trying to make any clients feel comfortable and safe to find out more of who they are and open up.
woman in white lingerie and silk bathrobe doing a sexy pose looking down her shoulder
woman in bridal lingerie and floral bathrobe looking out the window, in a sexy pose with the robe framing her butt

Did you have any concerns before your intimate portrait session? What were you nervous about walking in?

I try to live as body positive as possible, but I knew my main concern going in was going to be about my own confidence about my body. Whenever I looked for inspiration photos for boudoir to get ready and understand more of what I was walking into, I often saw people who were very slender and fit. I wasn't sure if my nervousness would show in the photos, but with Jacob's direction and examples, it made me feel more confident, especially as the session continued. Seeing some of the photos before they were edited really helped to spark more confidence as the session continued and I feel so much better for doing the session rather than never knowing what the experience may have been like.

"Whenever I looked for inspiration photos for boudoir ... I often saw people who were very slender and fit."

—Ms. Q

woman in white bridal lingerie with an open back leaning on a couch showing off her curves
woman in white bridal lingerie and heels showing off her curves and long legs
woman in white lingerie with open back touches her shoulders and looks through her hair
Woman with red hair in a green bodysuit slides the sleeve off her shoulder
back of a woman looking down from her head, showing off her curves and the strappy green lingerie over her lower back
dark and moody boudoir image of a woman on all fours on a couch, shows off the lines of her back and shoulderblades
woman with red hair wearing a green bodysuit and looking directly into the camera confidently
woman looking up through her red hair, confident and on a bed with grey fur texture
woman with red hair in a sexy boudoir pose looking at the viewer through a curtain

What was your favorite part of the experience?

My favorite part of the experience was getting to see the photos before and after the edits. As we went through, Jacob was able to show me how I actually looked within the photos. From there, seeing the after edits really instilled confidence in me that I thought I lost when I gained weight during college.

How do you feel now that you've completed the session?

I feel comfortable with who I am and who I've become in the past few years. I often felt a lot of guilt for not meeting others' standards of me or others' expectations and was really bogged down with those negative thoughts and emotions. After completing the session and having my partner there with me to see some of the photos, I was blown away by how beautiful I actually looked instead of what I wished I looked like.

What was your initial reaction to seeing your photos?

I fell in love with myself again and really understood that it was ok to be me instead of what others wanted me to be. I was in the closet before about being bisexual and polyamorous due to my profession and my strict, Catholic, and Asian upbringing. Now, I felt better about being myself in front of others and being able to introduce myself as who I am instead of what I think they want me to be. I also felt a lot more gorgeous than I have felt in a while. I've had a lot of stress within work and because of the pandemic, I haven't really glammed up in a while so seeing the photos made me glow.
woman with red hair looking in a mirror
woman in strappy lingerie looking in a mirror, her butt and red hair in focus
woman in boudoir lingerie looking in a mirror
woman with red hair looking in a mirror in a boudoir pose, wearing strappy lingerie with her hand in her hair
empowered woman looking at the camera with confidence, her red hair striking against the blue floral background
woman in a suggestive boudoir pose laying on her back in a strappy bra, eyes closed and head thrown back

Who would you recommend an intimate portrait shoot with Lightfox Studios to?

Everyone and anyone. If you need a safe, comfortable, and amazing experience or a boost in confidence and positive emotions, then book a session. Jacob is a wonderful professional and is helpful throughout the entire experience that worries literally melted away.

Now that you're an expert, what advice would you give yourself or future clients?

I would recommend telling your photographer about your hesitations and really discussing your boundaries. I've had a few experiences in the past where I felt pressured by my photographer to do a little more than what was in my comfort zone. Jacob really helped to understand those boundaries while still being able to make me comfortable with the suggestions provided. Also, by letting your photographer know what hesitations you have, it helps to air them out so that those areas can be avoided or really bringing them to light as something that truly is beautiful.