A Brief Introduction to the Boudoir Photography Style

Have you been interested in the idea of boudoir photography? Many people are too intimated to try it. However, it is sexy, bold, revealing, and a lot of fun. A boudoir session may seem foreign to someone who's never participated in one, but anyone can rock this photography style. While you're considering whether you're interested in a boudoir photoshoot, read on to learn everything you should know before you get in front of the camera. 

First: What Is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography is a style of photography that puts a spotlight on sensuality. It's a kind of artistic photography style that blends the idea of glamour shots with traditional portraiture and intimacy for a soft, natural, and beautiful result.  Boudoir is a French term that refers to a woman's private room. Literally, it means a private dressing room, though many non-speakers use it to refer to a bedroom instead.  It's intended to be empowering rather than objectifying. While it may share some qualities with other types of "intimate" photographs, the model always appears comfortable and in control of the situation. You're embodying your sensuality. 

a boudoir photo of a woman smirking at the camera, confident, comfortable, and in control

Is Boudoir Photography Open to Anyone?

Boudoir photography is for anyone and everyone. If you want to be photographed in a boudoir style, you qualify. Everyone deserves to feel sexy and show off their gorgeous selves. There's no gatekeeping in this studio. 

It's for people of any gender or any gender presentation, even if you don't often see examples of those models. You should never worry that you're not suited to a boudoir shoot just because you're under-represented. You can be that representation! 

While traditional boudoir photography resembles pin-up photography or a soft bedroom look, it can also be kink-friendly if you prefer a harsher aesthetic (think leather and latex instead of feathers and fur). The goal is to make you feel like your sexiest self, whatever that means to you.  Boudoir photography is whatever you want it to be. You and your boudoir photographer will work together to make something that fits your aesthetic, body, and unique personality. 

a woman lies on pink satin sheets in a boudoir pose, with vibrant hair and boudoir makeup. She looks at the camera

Is Boudoir Photography Body-Positive? 

This is a concern for many people, but you don't have to worry. All bodies are welcome to partake in boudoir photography. It's common for plus size photography and boudoir photography to intersect. Plus size boudoir photography is beautiful, and it showcases your body in a whole new way that you might not be used to. Your photographer knows how to show you off and make you feel sexy. 

If you think that your body is "outside of the norm" in any way, it's easy to feel nervous or uncomfortable. How can you take boudoir photos when you don't have examples to look at that represent your body? Any good boudoir photographer makes the photo session a body-positive (or body-neutral) experience. You're there to celebrate your form, whatever that form looks like. It's a great idea to talk with your photographer before your session so that they can quell some of your concerns!

All races, ages, genders, and body types are welcome. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and sensual in their photos. 

Is Boudoir Photography Nude Photography? 

Newcomers to boudoir photography may feel hesitant because they aren't comfortable with the idea of nudity in front of a stranger. It's a common misconception that boudoir photography has to be nude photography, though.  Some boudoir photography is nude photography. With that in mind, most nude boudoir photography is done in a "tasteful nude" style, meaning that the model is still covered where it counts. They may use a boa, a sheet, or anything else that can drape over the body and leave something sexy to the imagination. 

Most boudoir photography includes lingerie or sleepwear shots. High heels are great additions to any session. Some people prefer to be more covered, including "real clothes" in their sessions.

In other words, it's up to you. You should dress for your comfort level, and your photographer will still make you feel sexy. Bring your best outfits and work together with the photographer to find what works for your photos. 

A woman arches her back on the floor in a tasteful boudoir pose

Can Couples Do Boudoir Photography? 

While it's less common, couple's boudoir photography is definitely an option. 

These shots are great for engagement photos, anniversary photos, or "anytime" photos that you want to display or keep to yourself in a hidden away album. 

Couples of all kinds are welcome to try this sensual style of photography if they want intimate and beautiful professional photos to document their relationship. Boudoir photos are great for singles, couples, and polycules of any combination of genders. Relationship sessions are LGBTQIA+-friendly. 

We want to see you shine in front of the camera with the person or people you love! 

Will I Feel Comfortable? 

Are you almost convinced to try a boudoir photography session, but you're worried about whether or not you'll feel comfortable? That's normal. Don't sweat it.  Everyone is different. Some people have no problem at all getting in front of the camera in various states of undress. Others may need to warm up to the idea. They may feel hesitant when they're getting started. Again, talking to the photographer ahead of time is a huge help! 

When you're on the hunt for a great boudoir photographer, you can rest easy knowing that your photographer is experienced in making people feel comfortable during each photo session, regardless of who they are.  Photographers know that it can feel awkward to sit in front of a camera in lingerie (or less) for someone who's never done it before or who may feel like their unique and beautiful bodies aren't camera-ready. Know that your photographer is excited to make everyone feel happy and beautiful during the session.

Your session might start off feeling uncomfortable, but you'll warm up to the idea before you know it. 

Book Your Boudoir Session and Show Off Your Stunning Self

Did this guide put you at ease?

A boudoir photography session is a great way to take control of your sensuality and gain confidence. You'll love how you look and feel in front of the camera, and you'll get a few beautiful photos to commemorate the experience and use as you please.

Boudoir photography is for everyone, regardless of sex, gender, race, age, or body type.

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