Have you ever considered a boudoir shoot?

The term "boudoir" is derived from a French word for a woman's private salon. But, contrary to what you might think - boudoir isn't necessarily about nudity.

Instead, this sensual style of photography, with roots that can be traced back to the 1940s, focuses on all things sultry, intimate, and potentially even erotic. And, it combines the techniques used in glamorous fashion shoots and upscale portraits to help subjects look their best. 

So, it's no wonder that so many clients find their boudoir photography session confidence-boosting and fun! Keep reading to learn about eight ways that a sexy and glamorous photoshoot can help you look and feel incredible. 

1. See Yourself How Others See You

Tall, short, fat, thin, and everything in between - everybody has at least one hangup about their body. But, the truth is that you're probably the only person who sees it! A boudoir shoot can help capture your natural radiance, and give you a rare opportunity to see yourself as the rest of the world does - without judgment or criticism. 

Our team is experienced in working with clients of all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life, including the LGBTQ+ community. And, we're happy to help create your dream images, with a focus on honesty and intimacy - or whatever else you're hoping to capture. 

You'll likely be surprised to see your completed photographs, flaunting your radiant and confident side! And, having the chance to see yourself as others do can add up to a major boost in body image. 


2. Capture the Moment

Are you celebrating something special? 

A boudoir shoot can be the perfect way to capture the moment in a way that sexy selfies just can't. In fact, these intimate photo sessions are becoming more and more popular among brides and grooms to be. But, your wedding day isn't the only milestone that warrants a stunning photo memorial.

Whether you're celebrating something personal like a major change in appearance or lifestyle, welcoming a new child to the world, or giving a sultry gift to someone you love - a boudoir photo shoot can help. Not only will you look and feel your best in the pictures - but you'll also have a timeless memory to look back on.

3. Treat Yourself

Your stunning portraits are just one of the big benefits you'll enjoy during a boudoir shoot. In fact, if you've never had professional photographs taken, you might find your session surprisingly pampering!

A high-quality boudoir shoot includes professionally styled hair and makeup, as well as photography in a variety of poses and multiple glamorous outfits to help you look your absolute best. This also gives each client the chance to show off multiple parts of their personality with looks that are sultry, steamy, and even sexy. 

Check out this client guide to make sure you maximise on your time in front of the camera and arrive totally prepared for your moment in the spotlight. It's packed with tips to help you plan and prepare for your session - with outfit and color suggestions to help your photos pop, advice on self-care leading up to your appointment, and 24-hour countdown checklist to help you arrive perfectly prepared. 

That way, when the big day comes, all you need to do is relax and let your natural beauty shine.

4. Let Sparks Fly

Whether your sex and love life are thriving or could use a boost, there's are few feelings better than sharing sexy pics with an intimate partner. That's why so many of us share selfies taken with sexy poses.

It feels good, right?

Now imagine taking those shots to a whole new level with professional lighting, makeup, and posing. Not only will you look and feel amazing in the pictures, but you'll also have the chance to proudly display your most stunning qualities. Or, discreetly pass them off to someone you want to share them with. 

Talk about an ego boost!

5. Sex Positivity

More than just a buzzword, sex positivity is all about communicating your own personal sexuality without shame, judgment, or embarrassment.

Despite what it might sound like, this concept isn't about promoting sex acts or one specific type of sexuality. Instead, it focuses on embracing and accepting the full spectrum of sexual expression - from asexuality to demisexuality and everything in between!

Believe it or not, your boudoir shoot could help you on the road toward a more sex-positive attitude and mentality. Not only will it give you an opportunity to accept and express your own sexual individuality, but it also offers a safe and creative space for sharing that special and individual sexual identity.  

Accepting and embracing your own sexuality can give your self-confidence a big boost. And, it can help set the stage for more open and positive communication of those feelings with those around you. 

The right photographer can help harness your sexual power, giving plenty of direction while letting you explore yourself during the session. This leaves you free to learn, play, and grow - with different outfits, poses, and themes to help you shine.

Meanwhile, your professional boudoir photo expert will be hard at work capturing that perfect shot that let's your bold and beautiful sexual energy light up each frame.  

Planning Your Boudoir Shoot

Now that you know a bit about how your boudoir shoot can help boost your confidence, and capture your natural beauty for years to come, you're probably excited to schedule your session.

Contact us today to make sure our photography services are your perfect fit. Or, schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation for a full walk-through of what to expect during your session, and a chance to ask any questions that you might have. 

Our intimate and inclusive boudoir sessions are open to all, and each shoot is completely customised to capture images that you're going to love.