Ahh, they're in love. Amoureuse...Lamoureux (it's french). So wonderful.

Yes, we're talking about you and your partner. We see you. Endlessly in love and wanting to show each other just how passionate you are with a couples boudoir photo shoot.

Need some reassurance on what a sexy striptease session with your lover can do for your relationship. Luck you, we put together our top ten reasons.

1. Fire Igniting

It doesn't matter if you're only days into your relationship or years. Laying down kindling, and sparking fires within a relationship is what makes your partner entranced and always wanting more.

2. Perspective Is Hot

You don't always get to see you and your lover in your authentic sexy form. Seeing new perspectives of you and yours together intertwined in passion is nothing less than steamy. All the best angles of you two in hot love.

3. It's Romantic

They say the best love is the kind that awakens the soul. Keeping romance alive in a relationship is a sure way to plant fire in your partner's heart. 

4. A Celebration of Two

Love should be celebrated. You two should be celebrated. Why not celebrate each other with a sexy couples boudoir photoshoot? One that'll undeniably turn things up between the two of you.

5. An Engagement

Start your beautiful journey with your betrothed stripteasing together for the camera. I mean, why not?! It seems like a fabulous way to begin paving your path together with fun sexual energy.  

6. Trust Building

Let's face it. Getting in front of a camera in a new place and wearing next to nothing(or nothing at all!) can be intimidating and scary. The best thing about a couples boudoir photo shoot is you'll have each other to lean on and comfort.

Each one encouraging the other to be themselves to step out of their comfort zone while knowing the other is there for them. I've got tears in my eyes already just thinking about it—so beautiful.

7. A Token of Love

A token of love is a visible and tangible representation of the bond you and your partner share together. Why not express that love with an artistic and sensual striptease captured by a camera?

8. A Side of You Not Yet Revealed

Romance needs mystery for it to flourish. Trying new things within a relationship exposes—in a good way—sides of you and your partner that you've never seen before. Keep your lover guessing, and they'll never get stop thinking of you. 

9. Pages in Your Story Book

It's your story, and it's a unique one. You and yours will create endless memories together—ones that you can share with friends and family, and of course, ones just for the two of you.

10. An Anniversary

What better way to mark another year together than a sexy boudoir photoshoot? Show each other you're still a sexy now as when first met. A boudoir session is all about you and your lover—it's a love expression.

Couples Boudoir Photo Shoot

We really could've gone on and on with the list of reasons why you should do a couples boudoir photo shoot. But if we did that then you might not have time to book one with a talented Boston boudoir photographer!