Boston Boudoir Photographer - Jacob Bouvier

I've been asked what kind of photography I do, and it's kind of a tricky answer. So, do I offer "Boudoir" photography? The answer is yes, but also not exactly. You see, I love creating beautiful intimate portraits with people, but while it takes a lot of the same techniques, I've never really felt like my work was "Boudoir." That term is usually centered on creating images that are "sexy" according to traditional societal standards, and feels far too traditional to capture the spirit of what I want to achieve.

A boudoir photographer looking at their camera. They have long hair, facial hair, and are wearing feminine cut clothing

Inclusive Intimate Portraiture Sessions

It's also not just a creative portrait session, or an artistic portrait session, though I love offering those as well. The photos I want to make with you aren't just meant to be "sexy," though if sexy is part of your goal I would love to help you make that happen! What I want is to work with you to create images that can only exist in a place of pure vulnerability and extreme trust, and convey any number of the wonderful different kinds of intimacy.

One of the many wonderful things about the LGBTQ+ community is that we don't always fit into nice neat little boxes or societal norms, and that's something I want to celebrate, instead of working to put you in poses that make you fit into those norms by hiding parts of you that society would rather ignore. (Of course, the whole idea is to make images that *you* are happy with, so we can certainly pose you in ways that don't emphasize parts of you that make you feel dysmorphic or etc.)

boston boudoir photographer jacob bouvier sits with camera in hands ready to take a shot