At Lightfox Studios, we embolden you to rip off the exhausting mask you wear in public and show the world your authentic self

We accomplish this through intimate portraiture and intimate lifestyle product photography like boudoir and other sexy photoshoots. 

Let’s face it - we've been trained to be critical of ourselves since we were children. We’re so caught up in tiny imperfections no one else sees that we don't even acknowledge the details that make us wonderful and attractive. 

Let us show off your body (scars, lines, and all the beautiful details that make you, you), so you celebrate yourself and see yourself the way that you can never quite believe that others see you. Lightfox Studios’ goal is to listen to your story, witness your journey, and give you images that reflect how amazing you are as a person... images that actually feel like you.

"Seriously I walked in there with so much anxiety. I felt totally comfortable working with you."

—Mrs. A

Hello, I am Jacob (pronouns they/them theirs) of Lightfox Studios, and I welcome you to show up exactly as you are.

I am an LGBTQIA+ photographer from the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts. I specialize in intimate portraiture and intimate lifestyle product photography. As an LGBTQ positive photographer, I want to celebrate you just as you are. 

No matter if you're struggling with gender identity, looking for a set of pictures to show off at your next gay pride event, or just want to share your queer as heck couple's boudoir shoot all over social media, I’m here for that. When it comes to celebrating you and your body, it helps to have a photographer not just who knows LGBTQ people or LGBTQ couples, but who is themselves a member of the LGBTQ community.

At Lightfox Studios, we are a firmly queer studio and value inclusivity. We always strive to be anti-racist, body positive (or body neutral), gender-affirming, accessible, and open to being corrected.

"I was laughing and getting lost in the enjoyment of my experience."

—Mrs. K


Mx. Z

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"If you're having any doubts about getting a session, I cannot say enough lovely things about my experience with Jacob yesterday.

From the moment I arrived, Jacob went out of their way to make me feel comfortable, actively engaging in consent with every new level of exposure and nudity, making space for me to take breaks as I'm disabled and some of the poses were hard, and combining my idea and their talent as a photographer to bring my vision to life.

I've never felt safer and more empowered."

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